Rocky Mountain Door Tops

They are a revolutionary solution to the problem of series door tops disintegrating every few years. The picture shows one side but you are buying a pair. These door tops are far superior to the flimsy steel ones originally fitted on the Land Rover. The frames are made of solid extruded aluminium sections welded together and anodised so they will never rot away – you can fit them and forget them.

The studs holding the units to the doors are made of stainless steel that will not rust and seize up in the doors, so you can remove these tops any time you like. The frames are far stiffer than the originals so they press evenly on the weather strip preventing draughts and leaks.

Both windows open allowing you to slide back the front pane for better ventilation in hot weather. The glass panes slide in moulded rubber tracks that will not rot or support moss or other vegetation. Windows have click latches so you can lock an offside door by putting your hand through the window to lock the door and then secure the window from outside.

The door tops come fully glazed and assembled – you just fit the catches and s/s studs. Because they are made of aluminium and anodised, you can leave them unpainted, but, should you wish to paint them, they are easily dismantled to allow removal of glass and rubbers.