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This is a front view of door top once you have glazed it with your own glass.Rear view of the door top once you have glazed it with your own glass.Tig welded by us in house

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We do apologize for the increase in price, this has had to happen due to a 20% increase on the aluminium bought to make them, We’ve absorbed some of this ourselves. This increase is due to our wonderful politicians slapping tariffs on varies thing’s. Never mind the little person/business.

These are made in small batches each month by us, from flat sheet aluminium, so if we run out of stock due to demand there will always be a batch in process so we can allocate a set to our customers.

All aluminium door top kit.

You get 1 Offside and 1 Nearside.

They come with neoprene main seal for the glass to sit in that is made in UK especially for us only, replacement glass mounted seal, stainless steel studs,nuts,washers and screws.

Plus a window latch for each door.

Comes with door top to door bottom seal as well.

You need to remove your glass from the old door top’s and clean them up. They come unpainted, so they can either be painted or just left as bare aluminium, because none of the seals are fixed in to start with, they can be removed for painting without having to mask anything up.

You will need to purchase a tube of C 60 low modular sealant/adhesive. You can assemble without but make’s it a little easier to stick them in. Readily available from a large D.I.Y chain.

The reason for no glass supplied is to have glass made in the UK/Europe to the correct specification would add £100 per Door Top for the glass.

All the other Door Tops that are available glazed, are not manufactured in the UK/Europe. they are manufactured somewhere far cheaper as you are all probably aware.

If you have these professionally painted at your local body shop, they will probably assemble them for you as well. 

These are very simple to assemble even the wife can manage it, the worst part is getting the glass out of you corroding old Door Top.

We will be loading to Facebook and here if I can a video of how to fit for those that need it.

For those that want the RMS Door Tops we will continue to stock them once they become available again, but we have no idea when this is.

Link below will give you assembling Instructions via a video.


Postage for UK MAINLAND ONLY:- £15.

For anywhere else please ask for a quote.